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Alternative Engines
Volume 3


CONTACT! Magazine and Fiesta Publishing have offered two 8-1/2x11 soft cover books in the past, both unique, authoritative references dealing with automobile engine conversions for use in Experimental aircraft, unrivaled in scope and detail of content. Both volumes of "ALTERNATIVE ENGINES" (known as "the black book" and the "silver book") are compilations of past CONTACT! Magazine articles, documentation of individual experiences in preparing, installing and flying automobile engine conversions. The two volumes also contain important information and solutions for cooling, ignition redundancy and the selection of components.

We are pleased to announce the publication of yet a third in the series, "ALTERNATIVE ENGINES VOLUME 3".

Over 300 glossy pages of black and white content, compiled from the most recent past issues of CONTACT! Magazine as published by Mick Myal, former editor and publisher of CONTACT! Magazine.

Each volume explores the trials and tribulations as documented by the builder or designer in unparalleled detail. Decades of experience is available at your fingertips, written in a manner that is educational, informative and entertaining.


Table of Contents

Content overview 8
Observations 9
Adapting the Mazda 13B to the RV-6A Aircraft- Anderson 15
Carburetors vs . Fuel Injection: Review and Concerns– Carter 45
DIESELS: A Prototype Airplane with a Diesel Engine-Lucas


Engine Basics: Detonation and Pre-ignition-Cline


Dean Berry's 4.3 Chevy RV-6A Aircraft -Berry


Introducing a New Redrive for Auto Engine Conversions - Deschenes 72
A Chevy 4.3 Liter Engine in a RV-6A - Pitts 76
APEX Turbine Powered Luscombe Silvaire 8E -Combs 80
Update: Art Luther's 2.7 Liter Subaru RV-6A - Luther 87
Suzuki I.0 and 1.3 liter Engine Horsepower and Torque Curves - lshikawa 89
Daimler Chrysler Corporation Viper Engine - Brown Ill 90
Working with the Subaru OBDll Engines - Parham 99
Safety Tip: Checking Cooling Adequacy - Koontz 102
Rover 215 V-8 and Chevy 4.3 in a Blanton STOL - Berry 103
The GM Vortec 4200 All Aluminum 116 Engine - Kociba 105
Flying the Lancair ES with the LT! Engine - Harlow Jr 116
Development of the Cadillac Northstar 2000 Engine - Cline 117
An Engineer's Perspective on the Mustang - Atwood 125
A Subaru EA-81 in a CH6OI HDS Zodiac - Allen 127
Meeting the 51% Rule: An Amateur Built Bellanca Replica - Lance 130
Carb Ice - Korosec 135
Update on the Lancair ES with the Corvette LTI Engine - Harlow Jr 138
Developing the Subaru Legacy Engine for Aircraft Use - Steber 140
Chevy V18 Engine Development and Testing - Ward 144
Experience in Converting and Flying VW Aircooled Engines - Hillibrand 146
Chevrolet Corvette LS1 Power For a Seabee Amphibian –Robinson 152
Utilizing Chrysler V-6 and V-10 Engines in Homebuilts-Williams 157
Utilizing Chrysler V-6 and V-10 Engines in Homebuilts-Williams 157
Graham Canard: Low Cost Solution To Fun Flying –Graham 166
Subaru Engine Conversion Considerations-Jones 171
Subaru Engine Information + -Parham 174
Ignition Timing and other Conversion Woes-Tacchi 184
Electronic MPFI-Here to Stay-Parham 188
1992 Subaru Legacy EJ22 in a Glastar-Liot 193
Finally! A Thunderbird that Really Flies– Steere 199
Estimating Probability of Component Failure using FMEA Wick 209
General Motors 3100/3400 60° V-6 Engine- Eyk 211
UPDATE: Belted Air Power Vortec 4.3 Engines Conversions – Meyers 219
Engineering an MR2 Engine Installation In a Cassutt Racer –Steen 220
Cooling Systems with Exhaust Augmenters-Nicoson 227
Automotive Conversion Aircraft Engines –Moore/Hahn 232
A Corvette LT1 Engine in a Modified RV-8 Airplane-Sellers 241
A Glastar with an Eggenfellner Subaru 2.5 Liter Conversion-Walker 248
Illustrated Guide to the Subaru EA81-Messinger 252
Two More Diesels!-Jaqua 260
Chevy 4.3 Powered Mustang II Airplane-Derosier 263
A Scratch Built Scale P-51 Replica-Hawken 266
A Power Solution: the V-8 Powered Long EZ-Spencer 272
A Turbo Powered Mazda in a Cozy Airplane-Richter 275
Simon Says: Auto Engine Electrics Primer– Fischelli 279
Radiator Installations-de Piolenc 283
A Subaru 2.2 Liter Legacy in a RV-6-Clifton 287
Subaru Legacy Installation in a Europa-Eisner 294
EFI Controller Design for Aircraft-Crook 298
About the Editor


Michael C. Myal (Mick) was born in 1930. He graduated from the General Motors Institute in 1953 with a Batchelor of Mechanical Engineering degree. He served three years in the U.S. Army. His thirty-five year career at General Motors included assignments in body production, styling, human factors, vehicle safety and international government regulatory activities. He received certification as a Registered Professional Engineer in 1967.

An EAA member since 1959 and Detroit area Chapter 13 officer for several years, aircraft involvement included consulting work on two engine installation STCs and the building of a Minicab and a 2/3 scale Mustang. He successfully completed and flew a Varieze in 1980. During that period, he also volunteered his time to serve as president of a DC-7B and Lockheed Electra private air travel club based at Detroit Metro. He is the author of several Sport Aviation articles, including Ultimate Glue, Eagle 1-Ultimate Airfoil and Cockpit Design Simplified. He was awarded a patent for a vehicle occupant packaging tool, the principal part of a design system used today by all road vehicle manufacturers.

Although Mick has passed the CONTACT! Magazine torch to Patrick Panzera, he is still a very active supporter, routinely volunteering at AirVenture and COPPERSTATE. Mick also serves as an EAA Technical Counselor in Tucson Chapter 81.


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Volume 3

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