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Updated 9/19/14

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CONTACT! Magazine
PO Box 1382
Hanford CA 93232-1382
United States of America
(559) 584-3306
(559) 585-0930 fax
Editor: Patrick Panzera

11th Annual "Alternative Engine Roundup"
and Experimental Aircraft Fly-in
French Valley Airport (F70) Murrieta California
(Near Temecula on the Los Angles Sectional)
Join us for a weekend of old time fly-in camaraderie and pick up some
information on alternative engines in the process.
September 27, 2014
Click the link above for more information.

WWW ContactMagazine.com


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co-created by the staff at CONTACT! Magazine:

Proud members of the Sport Aviation Association and

The Experimental Aviation Association


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